Duralac Colors Insoluting Courts


IMPREGNATED WOOD COAT is odorless water based wood impregnating paint for interior and exterior applications that protects wood and highlights the natural beauty of wood. It is necessary for each new or unpainted wooden surface such as doors, windows, doors, ceilings, claddings, sheds, pergolas, fences and any wooden surface. It is water repellent, has high elasticity and penetration and does not peel, blister or broken. It has high resistance to sunlight and moisture.
Specific gravity: 1.00±0.04Kg/lt
Color: Transparent and in every shade on request
Application temperature: +10°C to +35°C
Consumption: 10-12m2/lt. Depending on surface absorption.
Drying time: 30mins
Recoat: After 5-6hrs
Application tools: brush, roller, spray gun.
Dilution:5-10% with water
Available in drums of 750ml, 3lt and 10lt.